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A Valentine's Day Message from Eddie Griffin

Posted by Eddie Griffin on

Don’t let the new, edgy-branding and down play of overtly racist agenda fool you. These motherfuckers are as racist as they come.

The Alt-Right, has basically taken an archaic agenda and repackaged it so that closet racists feel better about pumping their fucked up ideas into popular culture.

The way I see it - it’s the evil leading the blind.

These powerful white men found a way to include and use, a younger generation for the same old bullshit. They do not have the numbers, so they prey on the super weak for legs and the super powerful for policy. Which is why they’re deep in Trumps pockets.

The Alt-Right in a Nut Shell?

White Nationalist don’t just want to see a “white” America, they want to see a “white world” - ideally, to create states and nations completely free of any diversity.

They want immigrants kicked out of the country and are willing to go as far as offering incentives to accomplish their mission.


They Oppose -

  • Multi Culturalism
  • Feminism
  • The Mainstream Media
  • Immigration
  • and they are overtly anti-Semitic

What can we do to stop them?


We can’t just write letters, we have to call our local policy makers and show up in our local town halls and get organized. We have to express how the Alt-Right groups presence in the White House and in mainstream media is as Un-American as it gets because they are OVERTLY opposed to what WE are supposed to stand for as a nation and should not be allowed to hold the keys to our future.

Use the link below to find and contact your local representative and voice your concern:

Don’t know what to say? Here is an example of a script to use…

Hello. My name is _____. I am a constituent of Congressperson _______(if calling Congress) or Senator ________ (in the case of a Senator). The appointment of “Alt-Right Supporter”_________ to “office/position” is unacceptable. He/she is an openly racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semite. This type of bigotry is not something the American people will accept in the next President of the United States or his aides. We cannot allow the Trump administration to openly embrace white supremacy. I ask you to demand that President-Elect Trump rescind this appointment.



If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready. Don’t turn the other cheek or be distracted. The least of our issues is Kanye and Donald Trump having tea for photo ops. When you are distracted by Kanye, Trump is cashing another check from the Alt-Right and making another appointment to office that won’t serve your community. Stay informed so you know what you are fighting for and can spread the word.

Trump is already walking back some of these appointments so the fire has already been felt. So let it burn!

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